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US-2012031744-A1: Mems switch and communication device using the same patent, US-2012124457-A1: Presentation progress as context for presenter and audience patent, US-2012133633-A1: Display device, electronic device, and method of driving display device patent, US-2012136942-A1: Systems and methods for notifying a computing device of a communication addressed to a user based on an activity or presence of the user patent, US-2012136967-A1: Data transfer device, data transfer method, and data transfer system patent, US-2012157580-A1: Coating composition patent, US-2012173383-A1: Method for implementing buddy-lock for obtaining media assets that are consumed or recommended patent, US-2012177306-A1: Collection Bag for Power Equipment patent, US-2012192531-A1: Saddle air flow system patent, US-2012205189-A1: Hearing assistance device patent, US-2012221224-A1: Pre-throttle pressure control systems and methods patent, US-2012225758-A1: Rotary dumbbell patent, US-2012285313-A1: Device for Facilitating Stringing of a Musical Instrument patent, US-2012291275-A1: Method of forming metal interconnection line on flexible substrate patent, US-2012305412-A1: Sleeve Kit patent, US-2013014083-A1: Automated merging in a software development environment patent, US-2013036173-A1: Personalizing communications using estimates of the recipient's sensitivity level derived from responses to communications patent, US-2013062268-A1: Solid-liquid separation device patent, US-2013065657-A1: Live Action Multi-Track Skills Game patent, US-2013066564-A1: System and method for dynamically measuring oxygen levels patent, US-2013083563-A1: System and methods for high power dc/dc converter patent, US-2013106583-A1: Patient Identification System patent, US-2013120009-A1: Apparatus and method for determining variation in a predetermined physical property of a circuit patent, US-2013121767-A1: Method for storing compressed air in porous subsurface locations patent, US-2013128852-A1: Resource allocation method and apparatus patent, US-2013144367-A1: Infant Heel Heat Pack patent, US-2013152780-A1: Installation Assembly with Sealing Apparatus patent, US-2013179494-A1: Collaborative, contextual enterprise networking systems and methods patent, US-2013196074-A1: Thermal Coating Method patent, US-2013201400-A1: Communication terminal and warning information retrieval method patent, US-2013208380-A1: Transient control technology circuit patent, US-2013256325-A1: Container insert patent, US-2013266013-A1: SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR USING LABEL DISTRIBUTION PROTOCOL (LDP) IN IPv6 NETWORKS patent, US-2013269032-A1: Detecting Network Intrusion Using a Decoy Cryptographic Key patent, US-2013272598-A1: Method and device for examining the optical state of value documents patent, US-2013291019-A1: Self-learning methods, entity relations, remote control, and other features for real-time processing, storage, indexing, and delivery of segmented video patent, US-2013296116-A1: Hybrid Torque Converter Control During Rolling Engine Start For Driveline Damping patent, US-2014126747-A1: Power amplifying circuit and system patent, US-2014140198-A1: Fault Routing Of An Emergency Communication patent, US-2014145425-A1: Method for Creating a Customized Children's Storybook with Fingerprint Art Using Fingerprint-Ready Image Templates patent, US-2014162736-A1: Mobile terminal and inner frame provided therein patent, US-2014163823-A1: System and method for improving steering feeling in neutral gear position of vehicle patent, US-2014219384-A1: Digital modulator patent, US-2014223641-A1: Helmet with custom foam liner and removable / replaceable layers of crushable energy absorption material patent, US-2014268510-A1: Support module and support device having multiple degrees of freedom patent, US-2014297637-A1: Three-dimensional time series data patent, US-2014304706-A1: Method and device for setting status of application patent, US-2014316234-A1: Apparatus and methods for accurate surface matching of anatomy using a predefined registration path patent, US-2014366514-A1: Premixer conduit for exhaust aftertreatment system patent, US-2014376566-A1: 128 Gigabit Fibre Channel Physical Architecture patent, US-2015003929-A1: Tool clamping device patent, US-2015006311-A1: Variable diversity filters for multiple position content auctions patent, US-2015012564-A1: Secure matching supporting fuzzy data patent, US-2015012655-A1: Automatic network domain diagnostic repair and mapping patent, US-2015035263-A1: Dual Chambered Passenger Airbag patent, US-2010123327-A1: Adjustable Stowage Compartment patent, US-2010144595-A1: Lyophilization of Hemoglobin Solutions patent, US-2010200546-A1: Method of etching materials with electron beam and laser energy patent, US-2010203866-A1: Methods and apparatus to identify the accessibility of base stations in communication systems patent, US-2010272488-A1: Ink ribbon cartridge patent, US-2010331698-A1: Ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus, ultrasonic elasticity information processing method and ultrasonic elasticity information processing program patent, US-2011076386-A1: Stent Fixture and Method for Reducing Coating Defects patent, US-2011080191-A1: System and Method for Clock-Synchronized Triangular Waveform Generation patent, US-2011100414-A1: Thin film solar cell module patent, US-2011127938-A1: Drive motor control apparatus for vehicle, motor control system, method for correcting rotation angle of motor, program for performing the same, rotation detecting apparatus patent, US-2011148468-A1: Threshold comparator with hysteresis and method for performing threshold comparison with hysteresis patent, US-2011155695-A1: High-voltage power switch with a switch gap patent, US-2011164038-A1: Apparatus and method for tile-based rendering patent, US-2011165350-A1: Integrated hollow fabric structure patent, US-2011172980-A1: Method of Modeling Steam Generator and Processing Steam Generator Tube Data of Nuclear Power Plant patent, US-2011183950-A1: Treatment of vaginal atrophy in women with tumor pathology risk patent, US-2011198384-A1: Pneumatic driving machine patent, US-2011206218-A1: Headset With A 360 Degrees Rotatable Microphone Boom patent, US-2011218249-A1: Use of hypericum perforatum extracts in the treatment of neuropathic pain patent, US-2012091757-A1: Roller shutter device for regulating the air flow entering into the engine compartment of a motor vehicle patent, US-2012096343-A1: Systems, methods, and computer-readable media for providing a dynamic loupe for displayed information patent, US-2012100604-A1: Methods and compositions for generating self attenuating genetic circuitry patent, US-2012104056-A1: Clothes hanger with fold-away hook patent, US-2012120114-A1: Graphical user interface in multimedia apparatus and graphic object browsing method and system thereof patent, US-2012127869-A1: Multiple channel state information (csi) reporting on the physical uplink shared channel (pusch) with carrier aggregation patent, US-2012140791-A1: Currency Fitness and Wear Detection Using Temperature Modulated Infrared Detection patent, US-2012246669-A1: Multiple audio/video data stream simulation patent, US-2012249044-A1: Inverter for driving an electric motor comprising an integrated regulator patent, US-2012283007-A1: Special regional online video game forum based on location patent, US-2012301131-A1: Panoramic camera mount patent, US-2012303395-A1: Relationship Assessment patent, US-2013014058-A1: Security System patent, US-2013057896-A1: Image forming apparatus and method for controlling the same patent, US-2013090666-A1: Vacuum assisted tissue manipulation devices and surgical methods patent, US-2013167037-A1: Integrated service feature gathering and selection system patent, US-2013181039-A1: Method for producing r-t-b sintered magnet patent, US-2013185619-A1: Value-driven visualization primitives for tabular data of spreadsheets patent, US-2013227173-A1: Information notification apparatus, method, and program product patent, US-2013262140-A1: Patient cohort matching patent, US-2013320967-A1: Rotation angle detection device patent, US-2013332539-A1: Method and Apparatus for Detecting Unauthorized Bulk Forwarding of Sensitive Data Over a Network patent, US-2013346924-A1: Touch interactions with a drawing application patent, US-2014017031-A1: Attach toggle patent, US-2014020698-A1: Smoking article patent, US-2014107573-A1: Balloon encapsulated catheter tip patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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